When you would send me your “Magic”, I felt supported, and knew that you were right there with me. It lifted my spirits, and made me feel part of a team. All for one, and one for all:)
Wish you all the best xo

Linda, Ontario

When life grinds us into a pulp, reaching out to you restores a sense of wonder and possibility again, like everything is happening for a reason and the best is yet to come. You provide such comfort, like just last night when I mentioned how tired and lethargic I felt, you immediately made it ok and explaining the solstice and energetic fields. Made me feel seen and that I’m not crazy, that there are way bigger forces beyond us that are at play
You often remind me to be gentler on myself, I think that grounded presence is so important, because we are human and we do forget You love and you love some more and you’ve been through so much yourself that I know when I connect with you, you showered me with love and understanding
You leap and follow your heart, which role models encourage, no matter what others may think or say when you want something, you fearlessly go after it.

Ellany, Vancouver

It’s hard to put it into words! You said it best with “big heart and encouraging energy”. That’s the baseline for sure. But I’d also say you have a unique way of listening to my story (issues I’m grappling with) and zoning in on a key point or perspective that I haven’t been able to see on my own because I’m too close to the situation. You are able to point that out so that I can look at the situation in a new and different way. Your advice is always given with confidence and with a reassuring and positive spin with focus on my own self. How I can fix/change things by focussing on how I can change myself. I always leave our visits inspired to be a better me. 🙂

Lesley, Calgary

My Dear Germaine, I don’t really know how to express what we miss so much of YOUR being in our lives.  You were a constant inspiration and positive force in our daily working environment.  Your Friday calls, without fail, gave us the will to strive for the best we could do even though slim pickens had us down some days. If there was anything we needed, our trust in you and the ability to make “it ” happen never let us down.  You were such a positive force in this business and your positive upbeat attitude is sorely missed every day. Truly, your success is because you are YOU.  Always miss you.

Elora, Toronto

Something that always calmed me was talking or seeing my Dad. When you say “Sending you some Mainey Magic” or “Sprinkling you with Mainey Magic” makes me feel like a little girl again and I know everything will be okay.

Jodi, Calgary

I got to experience Germaine’s sprinkle of magic as soon as she came into my life. Her enthusiasm for life and all the wonderful things it has to offer was and still is contagious. Her ability to see things so clearly and remain focused on what is important are what make a conversation with her seem so magical – it suddenly feels like a huge weight is lifted off your shoulders! We create drama and self-doubt in our minds and blow things out of proportion. I truly believe that we could all use a little bit of Germaine’s magic to get us back on track!

Natalie MaCrae, Vancouver

I call you my happy pill, simply because you have this infectious energy about you that knows no bounds. You could make the most closed minded miserable person on this planet see hope. For me, not only are you inspiring but you are shining example that no dream is too big. I’ve gone to your house in not a great state but numerous times have left and felt uplifted. I think the main significance of that is you are a problem solver at heart, If I ever have an excuse/reason you have a solution. Your energy is the type that’s magnetic, people want to be around you simply because you emit such happiness. All in all, you give people a reason to be hopeful. You practice what you preach and really are the shining example of where we all want to be.

Tamara, Calgary