Is Spring Cleaning Really Beneficial?

I don’t think it needs to be ‘Spring’ to spring clean, but it sure is a good opportunity to give yourself a kick in the butt and get on top of a few jobs. I am joined today by Heather Alison from She took a leap of faith a year ago, in order to

Anyone for Tea?

Won’t you join me and ‘Meghan Cosenzo from’ for a cup of tea and a chat? What is it that makes ‘Tea’ so special? Me, being British, it is no surprise that if people ever want to mimic the English accent one of the most popular lines or sayings they will choose is “Cup

The Importance of Self Love…

What is Self Love? And why do so many struggle with it? If you google self love, you get the description “regard for one's own well-being and happiness”...

Make the New Year Count!

To me the New Year has always been special. A time to put behind us things that we don’t want to bring into this year and a time to set intentions on where we would like to go and what we would like to see.

Are you confident?

• Are you confident? • Do you want to be more confident? • Do you wish your children had more confidence? Follow my three easy steps and I promise you the effects will be instant and noticeable!

The No Phone Zone!

What is happening to good old fashioned conversation? The world of Social Media is an incredible one. The use of computers and cellphone technology provides us with so much goodness. But over the years, we have seen much change. A phone used to be just for talking.

Be who you WANT to be!

How many of you out there are really DOING what you want, BEING who you want and SAYING what you want? Not doing what you think is right for you, or what you think you SHOULD be doing, but really doing what your whole heart wants? As long as I can remember, I do believe

Letting go of RESISTANCE…….

One of the most important things that I feel we should and can all do is to “LET GO”!! When I say this I mean to let go of resistance to anyone or anything. By that I don’t mean not caring, but just not being emotionally attached to things that you can not or do not have the right to change.

How to get what you really really want!

I am faced with being asked this question over and over again, so I thought I would make it my blog. We all know that LIFE HAPPENS… and when I say that I mean the crappy stuff that we don’t want. It sucks, it pulls us down, makes us feel tired and lifeless and all we want is an out… We just want a glimmer of hope something that will show us that there is a better way! It might be your seeking a job, a new place to live. You may have some financial concerns or are just are tired of feeling alone.

I live by the rule that ‘HUGGING IS LOVING’

Reports show that to hug someone for 20 secs has more effects on the body that what we may realise. The “love drug” otherwise known as oxytocin is increased when we hug for any amount of time, although they say 20 secs has a lasting impact on the stress that one holds. When stress kicks in our cortisol levels increase. Learning to hug more could help to lower that stress by reducing our blood pressure and lowering our heart rate.