My path toward motivational coaching and speaking is a natural progression. I have always been about turning inner positive energy outward in creative and caring ways.

This direction started young with dance and drama. From the age of 4, I was dedicated to the performance arts, and I first began teaching dance at 15. I taught for over 10 years to children as young as 2 right through to adults as old as 63. It’s no surprise that with all of this hands-on experience, leadership and encouraging expression in people became a natural part of who I am.

I extended this focus in my sales and training career. My first training role in the corporate world was with Motorola UK. I had only been working for them 3 months as a field sales associate when I surprisingly got promoted to national trainer. At the time, I remember my boss telling me my infectious energy made me perfect for the role! To further my own growth, I then moved to work with NCR, a global tech company, and began training staff on the new retail concept of self-serve checkouts throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland. I was becoming addicted to training and couldn’t get enough of it.

By this point I had completed a couple of coaching courses. In 2007; however, I got the opportunity to attend my very first NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) workshop. It was from that moment I became hooked on The Power of Positive Thinking and the Law of Attraction. I couldn’t help but blend the magic of what I somehow intuitively knew and what I was also learning from books and courses.  It naturally flowed in to every aspect of my day-to-day life.

In 2008, I was offered a great opportunity to head up a new business concept working alongside Costco Canada. This required me to uproot and move my life to Calgary, Canada. Adaptability and the capacity to change are clearly among my strengths. It was the trust and belief that I had – I just somehow knew this path would lead me to new great heights.

As a sales director, my role did encompass training sales staff. And although training was not my full-time directive, I was so passionate that I couldn’t help but pass on my positive and confident energy to all of the staff I came into contact with.

Coaching and the desire to help and uplift people was becoming so important to me that after almost six years I decided to leave this role in the hope of starting a coaching business. Unexpectedly, I was presented with an amazing opportunity to start my own sales and marketing company, still working alongside Costco..

I was so proud of what I was doing and extremely grateful for my new business, yet I realised after just a couple of years that I wasn’t fulfilling my calling in life.  It was time to hand that business over and be on a mission to follow my heart.

Today I am extremely happy to be the face of my very own coaching business. To be able to spread my step-by-step process and magic all around the world is a true joy. I proudly help others follow their hearts, live their dreams and change their lives. The approach and application of The Power of Positive Thinking is something that everyone can benefit from.

Now I use my teachings, insight and natural gifts every day, releasing my infectious energy to do what I do best… I am the key to igniting the magic in you.


If you are keen to change, be the best you can be and are ready to ignite the magic in your life, contact me today. It will be the best gift you can give yourself.  I promise.

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